2003 news archives
12.13.03: Just a couple of updates for you. We've got some pictures of one of our Saturday hikes up, as well as some pictures of the old Christmas decorations. Funny, it just doesn't seem like Christmas when it's 70 degrees outside. Anyway, check out the pictures page for those. We have also added another room to the house pictures - the guest room.
12.06.03: Well, Chopper has her logo done, so we're on the move. She's working the formatting for her new site, and we should have that up and running sometime in the new year. For now, check out her new logo at ali-gdesign.com.
12.03.03 - NEW AND IMPROVED!: Well, it has been a long time coming, but now you can search maxaltitude.com for your favorite stories, friends, or just for fun if you get bored at work. Go ahead, give it a try in the box on the right. My favorite is "used engine oil," or maybe; "where can I put my money?" You can't beat this fun and excitement with a stick!

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11.30.03: Since Joe has been updating his stuff like some kind of interweb dynamo, I figured I better get this out fast. We spent Thanksgiving in Denver with the family and the puppy hounds. After a brief delay in Phoenix, thanks to G.W. and Air Force One, we got into Denver and had quite a nice week, complete with turkey, cocktail parties, and of course, the John Denver Revue. I have been really dogging it in the photography department, so you're going to have to check out Joe's stuff to get some additional turkey day coverage. I did take a few pictures, but missed coverage of Chopper's & my trip out to Whitney's house and the Friday night cocktail party and subsequent activities. Oh well.
11.24.03: Just a quick update before we get outta here for thanksgiving. Last weekend we caught Dave Attell at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix. Very funny stuff. If he's coming through your neighborhood, I highly recommend you check it out. New years plans have been finalized for San Diego, so if you're in the area, give me a buzz. We're going to hit Gaslamp, do some sportfishing and torment debutantes in La Jolla.

One last thing: Chopper has registered ali-gdesign.com, and will start working on her web-business come the new year. So stay tuned for all sorts of cool graphic design, print media and hand crafts.

11.13.03: Well, it has been a while since the last update, so I guess this is gonna be a big one. Goose and Brown Bear were in town for Halloween and our birthdays, so they got the grand Phoenix treatment. Everyone else so far has visited us in the summer (don't as me why), so it was too damn hot to do anything. This time we played some wiffle ball, went to the horsey track, did a little swimming, and did some hiking at Vulture peak - we actually managed to 'summit' this time. Getting to the very top from the saddle is actually a pretty decent scramble/climb, reminiscent of the old days at Alderfer 3 Sisters - only a lot more elevation gain. Anyway, we may or may not have been almost caught from behind by a pregnant woman, but hey, it's not a race, right?...riiiiight. Time for that crash diet and exercise routine... Right after Novemberfest.

The weekend after Goose was the big Novemberfest event, and a swarm of out of town guests descended on our abode for a weekend long festival of beer, wiffle ball and fried turkeys. My mom (and apparently Consumer Reports) was very worried that someone was going to get horribly scalded and disfigured by molten peanut oil, but fortunately Mr. Safety First showed up to make sure everything went smoothly. Let me tell you, never try deep frying turkeys without a helmet while 'Safety First' is around. Once we had our PPE all set up, the weekend was a breeze. Special thanks to "Science Teacher Jed" for reminding us not to miss the Lunar Eclipse. Anyways, 6 Trips to the airport, 3 trips to In-N-Out, 3 fried turkeys and 2 kegs later we wrapped up the weekend, and have finally managed to get the "spring break" smell out of the house. There's bound to be a lot more stories on the Novemberfest page, so you may want to check that out.

So what's new? Well, I have posted some pics from the Goose & Bear weekend, and added a room or two to the house tour. The Novemberfest site has been updated with a recap and pictures, and I will get to revamping the Derby page soon. Also, you may want to check out Joe and Caitlin's new website, www.towardsthemark.net.
10.26.03: Well I guess it has been a while since the last update. We have been spending a lot of time working on the house, and we will be posting pictures of that as we go. Check the pictures page for those. I have been pretty bad about taking the camera around, so the Primus show, Breeder's cup OTB, and even the fondue night will have to go undocumented. Goose is coming into town next weekend, and Novemberfest 3 is the weekend after that, so we should have lots of new pics soon.
09.27.03: Start your engines! Last weekend Chopper & I headed off to Denver for some weekend excitement. On Saturday morning I played in my Dad's Cousin's Annual Golf Tourney. Although I played like garbage, it was still a fantastic time. September is one fine month to be outside in Colorado. That afternoon, we made it home in time for a quick ride up to Evergreen in Dad's new ride. Man, those Germans know a thing or two about making cars. That thing is unbelievable. After that excitement, I needed a few beers to calm down. Good thing we had planned to go to the Great American Beer Festival that evening. The GABF was pretty packed, and we sampled quite a few magnificent beers amongst the throng. I will probably put a more detailed write-up on the Circus in a few, so check for that. The next day we hung around and watched the Donkeys eek one out over the Lions, my Dad cooked some Brats, and then it was time to hit the airport. Another busy weekend, another Donkey win. Throw in a fast car and some beers, and we're really talking.
09.14.03: Last weekend Chopper and I took a trip to San Diego, partly to scout a potential New Years location, and partly because the Donkeys were in town! We took off Friday from Phoenix, and arrived in San Diego 360 miles and 2 border patrol checkpoints later. Friday night, we poked around the Marina, checking out the sport fishing options and some of the pretty sailboats. Saturday morning we headed off to Sea World to check out all the fun fishies and aquatic mammals. The highlights were definitely Clyde and Seymour the Sea Lions, although the Manatees were quite fun as well. I always liked manatees. After Sea World, we headed off to La Jolla cove for a little beach time and some swimming. After cooling off in the Pacific, we cruised on back to the hotel, and then headed out to the Gaslamp Quarter for some sushi and recon work. We went over the whole area, and stopped at a couple of Irish bars for some libations. Sunday was the Bronco game - the stadium was full, and probably only 65-70% Charger fans. There were definitely more old-school orange Elway jerseys than I have seen since the early nineties in Mile High Stadium. The Donkeys were all over the Chargers, and the stadium was almost clear of Chargers fans by the early 4th quarter. It was a fun game, although weird to watch football in 85 degree weather. Overall it was a great weekend, capped by a nice Broncos win.
09.01.03: Labor Day Weekend Well, it wasn't a whirlwind Labor Day weekend, but It was pretty relaxing. To be honest, we spent most of the time hangin' out in the pool and drinkin' beers. We did head out to Bartlett Lake with Pete and Amy for some sweet pontoon boat action on Saturday. On Sunday, the Weasels got into the booze. Monday, we went hiking at Vulture Peak. That would have been fine, had we not arrived at high noon with the temperature closing in on 105. Damn, this desert is some HOT stuff. There's some Labor Day weekend pics HERE
08.23.03: "Where do they keep the high school girls in this town?" Oh MAN! Johnny and Emily sure had some wedding weekend. Wally was in top form with ladies of all ages. Wook broke out the elvis glasses and photo ops with him were a hot item on the streets on Indy. I think everyone had a pretty great time, but you can judge for yourself. Pictures of the big weekend are HERE. Well that rounds out the weddings for this year. Next up, my sister Caitlin next summer.
08.20.03: So Johnny B's Bachelor Party, take two went down on Monday in Vegas. Perhaps galavanting around Las Vegas until 4AM, then getting up at 7:30AM and driving 4 and a half hours to work wasn't the greatest of plans, but it sure was fun. We gambled a while at NY NY, hit a few bars, including the rather lame & tame version of the Coyote Ugly, and stopped for some vittles from the always popular In-N-Out Burger. I think Johnny had a good time, although I think somewhere down the line he is going to feel a little bit foolish for dropping 43 bucks in the piano bar so they would play the Indiana U fight song. Next stop, Amish town for Johnny B's big dance. Pictures of JB's night out HERE.
08.02.03: It took a while, but I've got some coverage of the Beirut Nationals. I was going to do a write-up, but it looks like Scott Burrows beat me to it. Check out his write-up Here. We didn't take many Pictures, but they are up as well.

While I was working last week, Chopper and her parents took a Pink Jeep tour in Sedona. Pictures of that are up as well.

07.07.03: Well, I've been offline for a while, and I am sorry. I had to quit my job, get married, go to Italy for 2 weeks, drive across the country, buy a new house and start a new job. Plus I haven't had a broadband connection... but we're back up and running now with all sorts of new updates. The wedding was a success, and I've put some of the pictures up for your perusal. The Wook has really outdone himself, and all of his pictures (731 in all) are up on his site. Impressive.

After the wedding, we took off to Italy for a whirlwind tour. We have Extensive Documentation of our exploits in pdf form, as well as loads of Pictures from the trip.

After we got back, we hit the road for Arizona, stopping in St. Louis briefly so Jed could show us the HIGHLIGHTS. First stop, the Gateway Arch. Kid has lived there for 8 years and never even been to the top of the ARCH. LAME! Then we went to the Anheiser Busch Brewery. Apparently Jeddy's been there a few times.

We're pretty much all set up here in Arizona now, so I should be able to keep this up to date.

Look for updates on Nationals, Johnny B and Emily's wedding coming in the next couple months, and of course, stay tuned for Novemberfest 3 details.

Pedro Que Lastima?

05.13.03: Well, It has been a busy last few days. The Derby went off well. The Delta Force Advance Team arrived early and secured some prime real estate for the big race. Before our entry into the Churchill Downs Infield, a prowling news crew spotted Wally's malfunctioning Bourbon Supenders and decided we looked primed for an interview. After Wally explained the nuances of zip-off cargo pants and duct-taped Beam bottles, each Delta Force member was interviewed and gave our pre-race Derby picks. I was informed later by a stranger in the innfield that Delta Force had in fact been televised - He had recognized me from my brief TV appearance that morning. The rest of the Derby went well, and I will probably post complete details on the old Derby website before shelving the old girl until next season.

After the Derby, we shot off to Arizona for some sun and house-hunting. Mission accomplished. Unfortunately I didn't win enough at the derby to pay for it.
04.27.03: Whoa, that was crazy. Sorry about that server outage, but Samir and the boys cleared that right up and we're back in action. Anyways, Easter pics are up. If I get around to it I'll put in some captions so you can figure out what was going on. Anyway, check out the pictures now, explanations later.
04.22.03: With the Derby just a few short days away, our experts have really come through for you. Jeff M. has posted his final picks, and Wally has nearly completed work on his thorough Horse bio's. Look for the finishing touches on the site in the next week or so as Wally wraps things up and Johnny B. tosses in his two cents. The Derby Page.
04.14.03: There is really no way to describe Carnival 2003 other than EPIC. A swarm of alumni, old and new, descended on 1069 Morewood, and for 3 days solid wrecked the sort of havoc that could only be expected from such a crew. Although the results didn't go as well as we might have hoped on the midway or in the chute, an insanely good time was had by all. In the following days, various pieces of the weekend will emerge on this site and other interweb outposts. My pictures are available now, but I fully expect that the Wook's Retard Circus will be the official home of the bomb that landed on Pittsburgh last weekend.

As soon as I get around to it, I will get some links for Buggy Times & Booth Scores and stick them on here as well.

Buggy Results: HERE
04.03.03: Has anyone else noticed that Mark "So where is the Kentucky Derby anyway" Haney has a webstite up now? I thought he made lovely use of the color black, and the goofy techno music is a nice touch. Clearly we can expect many great things from Mark-Haney.com.
04.02.03: Holy Smokes! Stacy A. Gartin (Garth's dad) has been named WVU Professor of the Year. Not sure if it's official or not yet, but as soon as those jokers in the WVU News Room get out the News Release, you better believe it will be posted here. Congrats Dude!
04.02.03: Apparently there was some kind of party in Memphis over the weekend. Good thing we got a few photos of the event. Check out the pictures page for all of the messy details. Chopper also had a little bit of excitement in Boston, so check out her evening as well...
03.25.03: Thanks to the magic of the interweb, you can RSVP for our wedding online. Once you have recieved your invite in the mail, go to the Wedding Site and follow the instructions to rsvp online. Of course, you can still send back your reply card if you are not interweb savvy, or want to support the US Postal Service.
03.14.03: Updates in the picture section. Updates on the Derby Page. Updates on the bowling page. Updates all over. Updates for everyone! Hey!
03.04.03: It was an accident, but Aaron & I finished second in our regional tourney and have qualified for nationals.   Additional details can be found on the WNBL page.
02.18.03: It's really snowing out here.   You may have also noticed a similarity between this layout and the layout the Wook is using on his web page.   I assure you that that is pure coincidence, and has nothing to do with the fact that I am stalking him.
02.13.03: Wednesday night bowling is back on.   Check out the stats and all the action at:   WNBL

Because, at WNBL, we're all about the fans™
01.28.03: New Hotel Info has been posted on the wedding site.   The wedding site will be updated frequently from here on out. Check the announcments section of that site for the latest postings. -MG
01.16.03: That's right, the Derby is just 3 short months away. Preparations for this year's crew are underway, so check out my  Derby Site for details.