2004 news archives

12.25.04: Another exciting holiday season is in the books. Our Rocky Mountain Christmas worked out well, and it was nice to be home. Fenway got to experience her first snow, and was also introduced to Kenai and Skibo, her new buddies. (Well, Skibo liked her more than Kenai). Joe and Caitlin were in from Chicago, and the whole family was together for the only the 3rd time of the year. We had the traditional trip to see a Christmas Carol at the Denver Center Theater, as well as our traditional Christmas book reading around the dinner table on Christmas. For some reason Night Before Christmas duties transitioned to me this year, with some questionable results. Our requisite celebrity sighting of the weekend was on Thursday night, when we ran into Jeff Milheiser, the lead singer of Good Touch Bad Touch at the Roo Bar in Cherry Creek. We got to talk to Jeff for a while, and we even played a little Hanson on the jukebox.

In other festive news, Emily and Johnny B are going to have a kid! Baby B is expected in June - Way to go Beerhalters!
12.19.04: Look at all the updates! - New Job: I started as a Project Manager at Honeywell Aerospace IT on Monday. The commute is a lot longer, but I finally work in a building with windows! New Transportation: I just got my motorcycle endorsement and picked up a new bike, a BMW R 1150 R. New Low: Sweet Currency finishes 9th. 5W all the way around, gave nothing when asked. New Accolades For Chopper's Celebrity Bizarro Twin: Diana Taurasi won the WNBA Rookie of the year. Unfortunately she is still 13 inches taller than the Chopper.
11.25.04 - Disappointing Mountaineers Fail To Marr Thanksgiving Extravaganza Well, WVU managed to blow their shot at the Fiesta Bowl in sunny Arizona, and are now headed to the Gator Bowl in sunny Florida. It was far from sunny last Thursday, when they WVU lost to Pittsburgh at beautiful but frigid Heinz Field. Other than the disappointing outcome, the trip was a success. Bill Lanham had arranged a bus to depart from Morgantown, and we arrived in Pittsburgh at about 4:30, plenty of tailgating time before the 8:30 game time. It was snowing, windy, and freezing, but still a great time. Other than the WVU game, we had a nice thanksgiving dinner (on Wednesday), and a relaxing weekend. Pictures are here. ...I have also consolidated the doggie pictures, which are available in the Gile Family Archives.
11.19.04 - Sweet Currency nabs second place again: More updates for you. Miss Currency had a game effort again, but came up a little short. Really just unlucky in this case, and I felt she proved she was a legitimate racehorse this time out. She may not have got to stand in the winner's circle, but I think she picked up some street cred with a gutsy performace.

Luis was really rating the hell out of her in the early going, and she saved ground, tucked in behind the lead group. They ran a bit slower than she probably would have liked, 46 and change for the 1/2, but she was in good position. The problem was at the top of the stretch, she was behind three horses, and the 2 inside horses were dying. She made an aggressive move around those two, then swerved back inside, and I though she had it. A nice burst of speed, but the 6 horse under Tyler Baze had a clean trip all the way around and was able to hold her off by a length or two after she drew even for a moment. Just a bad break really, she looked game at the end, but just did not have enough. The back-to-back moves in the stretch and the hard rating in the beginning probably took its toll... A bit faster pace and a clean trip and I think she would have won this one. Luis was really hitting her at the end, but Tyler was smacking the 6 as well...

After my $4 Win Double Place, I made $17.60 on a $12.00 bet. (The 6 was also the favorite, so the place pool wasn't that great).

But I would say that she is looking good. Johnny's got himself a race horse.

Wook's Novemberfest pictures are now up. He got some real doozies, check those out in the Novemberfest 4 Recap Page

11.14.04: Well, we've got quite a few updates for you. Guess there has been a lot of stuff going on. Novemberfest was another unparalleled success. We had plenty of visiting party patrons, and plenty of excitement. I am still working on a suitable write-up, but we have plenty of pictures and other goodies on the Novemberfest 4 Recap Page to tide you over until I finish the writing.

While we were recovering from our turkey-gorging extravaganza, and watching the Steelers dismantle the Eagles, my Dad was on the field prior to last Sunday's Broncos game, as part of the Broncos pre-game salute to the NPO's they support. My Mom got a sweet picture of my Dad on the Jumbotron.

Johnny Romano's horse, Sweet Currency finally finished in the money, placing in a $19K Maiden Claiming race at Hollywood on Thursday Nov 4. Of course, wouldn't you know it this was the one time I didn't bet on the nag.

Well, thanks to my handy dandy golf-score counter, I counted 76 trick-or-treaters on Halloween. A day prior to our mass candy giveaway, we were at Max's Halloween Extravaganza, which you can see pictured here or here.
10.16.04: Batch update: 3 weeks ago we flew up to Denver for my Dad's cousin Bill Reddig's annual golf tournament. This year, he was up to 45 entrants, including my Michael Digby, and my brother-in-law Joe and his Dad, Brother and family friend. The tourney was a success as usual, and our group placed 4th, shooting a 67 in Bill's crazy modified 6-6-6 format of play. In a bizarre turn of events, I picked up closest to the pin honors on the 5th hole, and had several approach shots within 4 feet of the cup. I still managed to spray my drives all over the place though. Some pictures from the event are here... Last weekend Chopper and I headed up to meet Hugh and Nancy Grove in Sedona, where Hugh was wrapping up a case-writers conference. Hugh is a professor of economics at DU (#2 ranked school in the WSJ for Ethics!), and they have both been friends of our family for a long time. We did a remarkably beautiful hike in XXX, and then had dinner at the Oak Creek Brewery, in Tlaquepaque. I got a bunch of sweet pictures from the hike.

09.22.04: This year, It rained on us in Louisville, in Washington DC, in Chicago, in Madrid, in Los Angeles... Not to be outdone, Pittsburgh dropped the big one on us last Friday, receiving the most rain EVER in a 24 hour period. Fortunately we were able to get to Morgantown before the worst of it hit, flooding roads, bridges, and making Western Pennsylvania pretty much a mess. Albie & Janna had a little shindig that night in honor of Jen & Garth and their big engagement. Everyone had a grand old time, especially Mary Margaret. She & Janna were especially happy when the Red Sox beat the Yankees. After the remnants of Ivan rolled through on Friday, we were all clear for the big game on Saturday. We hit the silver lot at about 9AM to get some good, old fashioned tailgating in before kickoff - Bloody Mary's, Yeungling, all sorts of food, and of course, enough bacon to kill a horse. The sun came out for the game, and the Mountaineers managed to win in Overtime, finally beating Maryland after four straight losses over the last 3 years. I made a conscientious effort to take more pictures this time, so we've got a bit more photo-documentation this time.
09.16.04: Some sports updates for you. Johnny Romano's horse, Sweet Currency raced again on Friday. She dropped in class, upped in distance, and still finished out of the money - although this time she was 5th. She is rapidly approaching cheap allowance races at Turf Paradise, but we're still pulling for the young lady. The Donkeys are one step closer to making my $20 bet on them winning the superbowl a pretty good investment… It is looking like we timed our first WVU game perfectly to catch the remnants of Hurricane Ivan. We show up in Morgantown on Friday, when the storm is supposed to roll into town. Does it ever not rain when we venture East of the Mississippi? (See also: Washout at the Derby, Mud Wresting on July 4, The rain in Spain falls mainly on my head)

08.31.04: Every trip I take to Vegas seems to go the same way. I drink too much, stay up too late, eat too little, and then struggle with complete braindeadness (is that even a word?) for the next 48 hours. This was bachelor party #3 in Vegas, this time for Wally's brother, Mike (the Compounder). Turns out that the Compounder is getting married in a couple months, and Wally asked if I wanted to join the party in Vegas. I think the conversation went approximately like: "So Mike is having his bachelor party in Vegas, do you want t-" "Yes."

This time we were staying at the Rio, which although not as swanky as some of the big boys on the strip, was actually quite nice. I rolled into town on Friday evening, and back out again on Sunday. Everything in between is kinda fuzzy. We started off with $15 all-you-can-drink drafts at Gilley's at the New Frontier, and it pretty much went downhill from there. We hit the famous horse racing game at the Frontier, as well as the craps tables, then rolled to the Tilted Kilt at the Rio. A couple of car bombs ended my night, but Wally and the rest of the gang kept going strong until 6AM or so (The Compounder came in at 8:30AM). The next morning while everyone else was sleeping, I grabbed some pictures of the Church that Jen & Garth will be using for their wedding in March, then stopped at In-N-Out for some breakfast. Yes I know they only serve burgers. We spent some time at the pool, and hit up the Sports book to put some action on the Travers (and of course Vic Espinosa at Del Mar). We then went to Harrah's for our obligatory photo with the Showgirl (Which Wally has, so I will scan & post later), and the mandatory Casino crawl, hitting the Venetian, Mirage, Caesars, and Paris. Dinner again at the kilt, drinks in the room, then gambling at the Hard Rock, which appears to have increased its allotment of beautiful young people (if that is possible). Mike Lewinsky says that "Body English is hot right now," but we were there to win some monies. The gambling went alright, although even using my special MENSA sheet, I was knocked off the blackjack table in pretty short order. Thank goodness Wally and I have employed our own special system for craps, and I was able to get back most of my money. Then it was beers at the Hofbräuhaus, car bombs at the ESPN Zone, bourbon at the Big Apple Bar at New York New York and I am spent. We got back to the room in time for Eric to pack up his stuff and head to the airport for his 7AM flight. No wonder I get tired just thinking about Las Vegas. My photo-documentation was pretty weak as usual, but you can check it out Here.

08.23.04: Well, we've got another couple of weeks of immature college-style activities lined up, just so no-one thought we are getting old and lame after picking up a dog. When you live in the suburbs, I guess you've got to go a bit crazy every once in a while to prove to yourself that you have not thrown in the towel just yet. On Friday afternoon we hopped in Heidi the Magic Bus (not to be confused with Heidi, the Soup), and hit the road to L.A. El Bonaro (or Mookie) was hosting his 3rd annual Beer Bowling Tourney at El Guapo, and that seemed like a good enough excuse to hit SoCal for the weekend. Good decision too. Friday night we hit Bonaro's favorite bar, The Well, home of L.A.'s "Best Jukebox" - a fact that was actually verified by an independent survey of Maite. Saturday morning, we got the now world-famous Boner Reality Tour of L.A., stopping by the house he grew up in, the curb he used to skateboard on, the house he egged on Halloween, the Playboy Mansion, and many other sites often skipped by the lay-tourist. We finished up the tour in Santa Monica at Patrick's Road House for breakfast, then scurried off to the Dodger game. Bonaro, using his connections had scored us 8 free tickets, which was awesome. Unfortunately, Lon Rosen did not come through with the parking pass - so we had to pay the $5. After some naps, we headed to the tourney by way of Lala's Argentine Grill. Team "The Chinaman is not the Issue" (Me and Wally) won the tourney of course, which was a large affair with around 50 2-person teams. Sunday morning, Chopper and I had breakfast with her old friend Maite at Quality before heading out. Giovanni Ribisi was there, so we saw our requisite celeb before hitting the road back to Phoenix.
Practice | Tourney | Tournament Commentary
08.18.04: Last weekend we went up to Flagstaff for some cool weather camping action. Fenway came along and had a blast, running around in open meadows, hiking, and socializing with other dogs in the campsite. She was even well behaved sleeping in the tent. Of course, there are a few pictures up Here And of course Happy Anniversary to Elvis.
08.12.04: Red Sox 1, Orioles 0. I knew Labs were bird dogs, but this is ridiculous. Fenway nabbed her first birdie this week - a couple birds were hopping around the yard and got a bit too close. Fenway disappeared around the corner and came back with her trophy. "Look what I got!" We will get another big post when she gets her first Yankee. Jeff Milheiser's band Good Touch Bad Touch have released their first single "I Just Want To Be Loud," which is available here for the time being. The Album is coming out soon. So buy that, cuz these guys rock!... Johnny Romano's Horse, Sweet Currency raced again today at Del Mar. This time she broke well, went wide, and was outrun. Another disappointing finish for the young lass. Let's hope she does better at Santa Anita this fall...Some miscellaneous pics are Here.
08.04.04: On Monday, Chopper and I picked up the newest member of the family, a 5 month old girl black lab that we have named Fenway. She's a sweetie, even if she does poop on the carpet every now and again. That brings the talley to 4 weasels, and one dog. (The ferrets and Fenway are not seeing eye-to-eye socially yet, but give them time). A few pictures of Fenway are Here. More to come.
08.01.04: It has been a while since Uncle Grez has shown his face on maxaltitude. I don't know about you, but I was getting worried. Grez checked in the other day with a couple of shots of his new physique... Looking good Uncle Grez!... In other news, Novemberfest 4 details are now available. Looks like it's going to be a big one this year... Dave Attell is back on the road again. Chopper and I saw him on Friday at the Tempe Improv, and hit The Library afterwards - Good stuff.
07.21.04: Just a few small updates here. My parents were in town last weekend for some high temperature relaxation. I played golf with my Dad at TPC Scottsdale, recording my first round ever without losing a ball. Fantastic. And the course is pretty nice too. The dog's were also in town, putting the pool to good use. I am pretty confident that if Kenai lost a couple pounds and started training off a dock, she could make the Big Air competition at the Great outdoor games. Anyways, lots of pictures of that. Unfortunately most of the shots are Kenai at splashdown. Other quick tidbits... Wook updated his July 4 coverage, so see the link in the last news update... Johnny Romano has purchased 15% of the Filly Sweet Currency, so you may want to follow her progress at the OTB. She will be racing soon in the Del Mar Summer meet... Novemberfest 4 details coming very soon, stay tuned...

07.05.04: STOP THE INSANITY, I WANT TO GET OFF! And I'm spent. The July 4th Espectacular wound up a grueling stretch of madness that started way back in April at the Santa Anita Derby and the Road to the Roses. And what a way to put the season to bed - the Espectacular was just that. The activities went down on the Mall pretty much as planned, other than the fact that it rained pretty much all day, which thinned out the crowd, and made everything pretty messy - but if it didn't rain, we would have missed out on girls mud wrestling - and who doesn't love that. (Not the 50 people that gathered around to watch). The festivities were well attended by the usual cast of characters - Goose and Bear came in from Boston, Wally, Johnny and Emily made the trek from Chicago, Doof from Rhode island, and still more people showed up from the surrounding areas. Soup and PJ showed off their shiners, Thomas and Chunk made me and Wally look like a couple of Geriatrics on the beer bowling table. Everyone had a grand old time. After I recover I will try to get a bit more of a wrap-up on here, but for now, the pictures tell the story. Pics are up: Saturday | July 4 | Monday | Wook's Coverage

06.26.04: Congratulations to Caitlin & Joe Morris. Last Saturday my sister and new brother-in-law took care of business at the Chapel in Beaver Creek, CO. This was the only wedding I have scheduled for this year, but boy was it a doozie. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, which included a large crowd, great views, and an awesome slide show my dad put together featuring tons of pictures of Caitlin & Joe growing up. Saturday morning we hit the Eagle-Vail golf course to swing the old wrenches in the thin mountain air. The reception was at 6PM, and was a short but personal affair, featuring readings from Jessica P, Chopper, and my Mom. The reception was a great one, with some nice speeches by Dad, Goeff Morris and Philippa, and some rather fancy dancing by the Reddigs, the Digbys, and some dude in a kilt. (Not me this time). We wound down the night in the hotel bar. The bartender was even nice enough to let me & Peter call him "Marty" when we ordered our caucasians. Caitlin and Joe are off in the BVIs now sailing for their honeymoon... Should be some awesome pictures of that on Joe's page when they get back

Since I was back in my home territory for the weekend, I figured we should get Alison and her parents a decent slice of Colorado, including The Coors Brewery and Beau Jo's Colorado Style Pizza. (Of course Alison has already been to Red Rocks, The Morrison Inn, and the Little Bear) We did swing by the Evergreen house, as well as my old school and the new Denver house to give the folks a nice tour. Everything went pretty well all weekend, and I think everyone had a pretty good time. But Albie always has a good time, rockin' the year of the moustache since 1972. "What took you guys so long?"

Pics are up: Wedding | Rehearsal | golf | Coors | Joe's Coverage
06.17.04: Even though Interleague play has the Red Sox playing the NL West this year, AZ did not make the schedule. So what do you do if you can't see the Sox? You go boo the Yankees. Yesterday we headed down to the BOB to catch the last game of a 3-game set between the Yankees and D-Backs. I of course was clad in my "Yankees Suck" shirt, and tallied a bunch of handshakes from the AZ & Boston faithful, and a bunch of nasty looks from Yankee fans (And there were probably 20,000 Yankee fans at the sold out stadium). At the end of the game a bunch of Yankee fans were even chanting "1918" at me. Overall a rollicking good time - made better by the fact the home team spanked the Yankees 6-1 and the Sox won earlier in the day. Pics

06.13.04: What a busy weekend. Friday night we went out to Cocomo Joe's, some bar waaaay out in the sticks with some of Chopper's working friends; Kevin, Kristen, Frank & Yyvette. Soup came along as well - like Soup's going to miss an opportunity to go out and tilt a few. Saturday morning, the Professor's new Saab was dropped off at our house. We are looking after it until he can arrange to have it shipped to New Hampshire. Why would someone buy a car in Arizona when they live in New Hampshire? Well, it's a 2000 Saab Viggen in Monte Carlo Yellow - not too many of those around. Anyway, the car is sweet, and looks very pretty next to Heidi, my 2001 Audi S4 Avant in Imola Yellow... Saturday evening we went over to the Fehl's for some nice BBQ and Pool Party action. Soup had missed her opportunity to audition for Fear Factor earlier in the day, so she decided that she would eat a strange bug to make her feel better. She netted $7.50 for that feat, but unfortunately no national television audience. All of the pictures are up: Friday Night | Saab | Fehl's BBQ
06.07.04: Well, what a rough Belmont Stakes that was. Poor old Smarty Jones just didn't have enough juice to roll to the Triple Crown. Lets all hope he can regain his form and capture the Breeders Cup Classic and take home some Horse of the Year honors. I do have a few pictures from the OTB.
06.01.04: "These aren't going to end up on some weird website are they?" Memorial Day was pretty quiet. Chopper's friend Soup came over with some of her Michigan State buddies for some ribs and beers, and I went to bed early, again. I am still not back on schedule - darned jetlag. A few of the pics from memorial day are up.
05.30.04: Well I am finally back from my month-long Europe excursion. 4 weeks, 10 hotels, 9 flights, 4 rental cars, one nasty case of jetlag, and I am back in sunny Arizona just in time for Summer. Now that was one hell of a trip. I still have not finished all of the write-ups, but the notepad will eventually house a nice little log of everything that went down. I have managed to sort through all the pictures, and those are now up. You can go to the pictures page, or just click the following links. Amsterdam | Frankfurt | London | Madrid.
05.20.04: So yeah. Sorry about the lack of updates. I guess I have been a bit busier over here than I planned - I have been training all of the Sales Managers and Account Managers, and galavanting around all over Europe. I have put 3 of the first 4 logs up in the notepad. We're in the home stretch now though. (I am on hotel 7 of 11). Once I get back, I should have some down time, and will prepare a massive data dump for the site - pics galore, and a few more write-ups I hope...
05.06.04: Well, I checked it out, and the interweb still works over here in the Netherlands, so I will try to get some of the rapidly accumulating content up in the next few days. I am trying to get a running log of everything that's going on, so look for that in the notepad coming up. I will also try to post some pics from over here, but that will be more difficult since my trusty photoshop is on my trusty laptop at home. I also owe you some derby pics and write-up, so that will come out soon as well.
04.26.04: "This is where it starts! RIGHT HERE!" Some time ago it was decided that 2004 was the year of the moustache, and while that may be true, this weekend I also learned that 2004 is the year of the headband. Do you have a Cubs headband? Well if you don't, get out of the fashion stone age and go pick one up. Because in 50 years, do you want to be that guy telling his grandkids that you were the only loser in 2004 without a Cubs headband? I don't think so. Wally clued us into this ground breaking accessory this weekend while we were visiting Caitlin, Joe, and the rest of the gang up North. Besides learning about the importance of the headband, we got to check out Caitlin & Joe's new digs, and a nice cubs game at Wrigley. It was pretty darn cold up there, but a few Old Styles will take the edge right off... For once I managed to get a monster roll of pics, which you can peruse right here.
04.19.04: Viva Las Vegas! Last weekend was Joe's big send off in Las Vegas. To make sure the job got done right, Joe put in about 8 hours of sleep in 3 days. Way to go Joe! I showed up on Friday night, just a few hours too late to witness Peter hitting on the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest entrants, and chewing the fat with Kato Kaylin. I am pretty sure Joe got some sweet pictures of that. Look for those on Joe's Site. The rest of the weekend was pretty much a blur. Lots of oat sodas, a few caucasians from our good buddy Marty the bartender, and a very odd soliloquy from Geoff about small hands. We bounced around between several casinos, finally making our gambling mark on the Hard Rock Casino, where the minimums are low, the drinks are hard, and the boobs are made from plastic. Or whatever they are putting in boobs these days. Anyhow. Good Weekend. Pictures
04.11.04: Happy Easter! Well it's my last weekend at home for a while, so Chopper and I decided to celebrate Friday night with a little Seafood Roulette. We rolled out the raw oysters and the mostly raw tuna for a little excitement. All we were missing was a little bit of Sea Urchin Cervice. On Saturday we spend a nice afternoon at Turf Paradise, where we enjoyed 25 cent hot dogs all day. Alllll Riiiight... We also mananged to catch the last period of the Frozen Four Finals where my Sister & Mom's Alma Mater, Denver Univerity won the National Championship. Well done. Pictures are Now Up.

In other news, we have put up a few t-shirts for the Derby this year. Pick 'em up now!
04.08.04: Last weekend Chopper and I hit the open road and cruised West to Arcadia, CA for the Santa Anita Derby. We met up with Mookie and Nick Lee, and got in a full day of racing action. I didn't win all the monies, but I did learn a valuable lesson. Always bet with the guy named "Rich." Rich, at left, won all the monies and was the big hero of the day. I've got some pictures of the event here, and a lengthy write-up in my Notepad.

Anyways, well we've got all kinds of fun stuff coming down the pike for the next few months. We've got Vegas, Chicago, the Derby, then I am off to Europe for a month. Boo-Yes!
03.29.04: It's been a while since the last update, but we had some nice spring skiing last week in Telluride. Lots of sun, a little slush, and a bit of rain, but all-in-all, a great few days on the mountain with my parents and Philippa. Unfortunately there is no video of my fall of the year on "the Plunge," but I did snap a few pics of the weekend that you can catch here.
This weekend is the big one leading to the bigger one, the Santa Anita Derby. We've got my favorite pony, St. Averil, up against some stiff competition in Imperialism, Lion Heart, Wimbledon and Rock Hard Ten. If you can't (or won't) be in Southern CA, then catch the race on ESPN or at your local OTB. This baby should be a fantastic race, and look for the winner to be the favorite in the Kentucky Derby.

In other news, I am working on completing my "Year of the Moustache" website. I have some of the content up, which you can check out Here.
02.13.04: What has two thumbs and orders 6 tons of landscaping rock the day of the huge thunderstorm? This guy. Yes, it rains about 6 times a year here. But I pegged one of those days dead nuts, ordering a load of rock for the back yard that Chop and I intended to distribute last Thursday night. We ended getting a little bit of rock spread, and getting a lot wet. It was still a pretty cool storm, and we accumulated about an inch of hail in 5 minutes. At least I got to throw a few "hail balls." Anyway, check out the "It's hailing in the pool" video here. Following that meteorological anomaly, the weather was awesome this weekend - perfect for the start of spring training baseball. On Sunday we took in a few innings of the Padres-Mariners game, then scampered home to the pool. (Now at 64 degrees WOO HOO!) In other news, my Road to the Roses Red Ale is in the fermenter, and should be ready in time for the stretch run to the Derby. C'MON FOUR!
03.03.04: Last weekend was really a weekend of merit (and Merritt ). First of all, on Thursday night, Scott Merritt , the forward for the Marquette men's basketball team had a double-double and won player of the game honors in their win against South Florida. That to me was a good omen, because on Saturday afternoon, Bold Merit (the horse) was running at Turf Paradise in Phoenix. This Merritt stopped at the OTB to put a few sheets down on that Merit , and naturally, Bold Merit won the race, and Merritt won the monies. Then, to top it all off, Cam Merritt DiNunzio came to town with his band Denali to play a great show on Saturday night. Now there's a 48 hour stretch with some real merit.
02.13.04: A lot has happened since the last update. First off, Alison & I created aLi-g design LLC, and launched the aLi-g website. If you have not checked it out yet, you should take a peek. We have had to curtail our travel while we have been working on the business and the website, but we should get back into the saddle this spring. First up, Telluride in March for some spring skiing, and then of course, the 130th Kentucky Derby in May.
You may also have noticed that the format of this site has changed. It was time to put the old site to bed, and get started with something a little cleaner. Not everything is going to be working right away, but I should have everything all cleaned up in the next month or so.
01.11.04 - The Year of the Moustache: Two weeks ago, Chopper and I headed back East on the red-eye for my first West Virginia Christmas. Christmas was a grand old time, with the Scudiere family in fine form, speeding around Morgantown to meet the many commitments of a rigorous social schedule. The trip was really quite relaxing, and surprisingly the weather back there was not that bad. We even managed a little snow on Christmas day. I managed to get some of the proceedings down on the old digital camera, and you can check those out here: Mo-Town Christmas.
After a two-day layover in Phoenix, we drove out to San Diego, site of our New Years Eve Extravaganza, and home to everyone's favorite, $2 Moustache Rides. From our hotel in Gaslamp, we were able to raid the various fine establishments downtown, and still manage to partake in the many other activities San Diego offers. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the day-long fishing adventure followed by the first annual Mookie Lewinsky Gefilte Fish fry. Although the event's namesake was sadly absent, the event was an absolute success. Besides the fishing, the moustache rides, and the gaslamp exploration, we were also able to hit the San Diego zoo, and even do a little wagering on the Orange Bowl. 5 Cents says the next beer commercial will be for Miller. I have posted all of the pictures from the week here. The Wook will undoubtedly have a fine description of the trip as well, so be sure to check that out.