2006 news archives
10.01.2006 - More Hadley! Last weekend we were in Denver, for a nice little visit with some big golf and little Hadley. Uncle Michael and Goose came into town as well so we could dominate Bill Reddig's golf tourney. Unfortunately, even after a practice round at PCC, and an extra one for Goose at Fossil Trace, we fell flat on our faces in the tourney, and the only competition we dominated was the one for guys looking like doofusses. The next day, we played at Green Valley Ranch, which was a fun day, especially for Papa Dukes and Joe, who had a couple of nice rounds. Looks like Joseph "Arrrrrnold Palmer" Morris has the inside track on that sweet Corndog Classic trophy next season. While we were there, we also had a nice BBQ/Billiards tournament, a nice visit to 6506 for Chopper, and plenty of action with 'ol Hadley. Hadley also went to the DU Hockey game with us, although she didn't like it when everyone yelled after a score. Unfortunately for Hadley, DU smoked UCalgary 6-3, so there was lots of yelling. I told Caitlin she should take Hadley to Cardinals Football Games, where there is not much call for yelling. That would be funny if it were'nt so pathetic.
09.17.2006 - A Few Updates Updated doggie pictures are now in the Gile Archives | A summary or this year's Arizona Red Pigeons games is now in the Sandox. | Some pictures from the These Guys show, featuring Mookie on bass are up as well.
08.06.2006 - ENDURO WEDDING II (Shilpa & Rich) On Saturday we had our second enduro-wedding in a row. We woke up, swam with the dogs, then dropped them off at the kennel and headed to the Cardinals preseason game against the Steelers (the new stadium is fantastic). We were able to stick around until half-time, at which point we marched back through the scorching parking lot to drive to the airport for our 4:20 flight to Las Vegas. Still sweating, we changed into our dress clothes in the parking garage, rolled easily through security, and hopped on our flight. Shortly after taking off, we arrived on time in Vegas and grabbed a cab to the Bellagio, where we had enough time to grab a quick drink before Rich & Shilpa's ceremony in the Bellagio Chapel, which was right next to the ballroom where they were having the K-1 Ultimate Fighting Tournament. (Now therešs some weird neighboring events). After the ceremony, we headed to Caramel for the reception, some food and drinks, then to Light for the post-reception and more drinks. After running out of steam around 3AM or so, we wandered down the strip to Monte Carlo, NY-NY, then to Excalibur, where stopped for a quick bite before heading down to Luxor. In Luxor, I took a quick nap looking up at the center of the pyramid. At around 5 or so, we headed down to Mandalay where we caught a cab back to the airport. After a brief wait at the airport, we caught our 8AM flight back to Phoenix, flopped into the pool, then into bed, and woke up when it was time to pick up the dogs. And I'm spent. Pictures
07.22.2006 - ENDURO WEDDING I (Emily & Mike) After working a full day on Wednesday, we headed to the airport to catch a plane to Denver, and then the redeye to Laguardia. We arrived at Laguardia at 6:15, grabbed a rental car, and proceeded through Manhattan & the Holland Tunnel to New Jersey to catch a ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. We had never been to either, and felt we had an obligation to stop by, considering all of Chopper's ancestors passed through Ellis island to get here, papers or no. We did a quick tour of the Ellis Island Facility, which was really cool. We then went on to the Statue of Liberty, in a light rain. After a quick circuit of lady liberty, we hopped back on the ferry to New jersey, and headed back across Manhattan to Belmont Park for a few races. We watched a few races at Belmont, lost some monies, then pointed North to Connecticut. We arrived at the Bee & Thistle Inn in Old Lyme, just down the road from our old house in the late afternoon, and I grabbed a quick nap and shower. We leapt back into action, and headed down Boston Post Road to the Wharf, where we met up with a bunch of Chop's old co-workers from Shore P. The next day, we had a quick stop at the outlets, then drove up to Salem for a bit of Ice Cream at Salem Valley Farms. We then went on to Weathersfield, checked into the hotel, and took care of some errands (picking up some cannolis & beer). That night we went out to dinner at Eli Cannon's with Marcy and met up with Horwitz. Saturday was the big wedding, and all of the finest people showed up dressed to the nines (+) Pictures
06.04.2006 In June, we went out to San Diego for some hot Marathon Action. Jen "Bear" Simmons and Jeff "Julepenator" Milheiser were running in the Sand Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. On Friday, before the marathon, Chopper and I rented a Catalina 250 Sailboat from Mission Bay, and had a beautiful day of beating up to La Jolla, running back towards Mission Bay, doing a few laps around the bay, and then scraping some kelp from the rudder. Man, there's a lot of kelp near San Diego. On Friday night we met up with Goose and Bear and grabbed some sushi and a few beers. On Saturday we wandered around Petco park, then drove up to La Jolla to visit the Museum of Modern Art, which was pretty cool. Saturday evening we went to Bear's Team in Training Dinner, which was a bit weird. Sunday was the actual race, and we were up early to try to see Bear and Jeff as many times as we could. We started at mile-marker 1, and saw the back of Bear running away, and did not see Jeff at all. We then camped near mile 10 alongside the highway, and this time managed to see Bear, who was having such a good time running and talking that she did not hear us screaming. Jeff did though, and waved. We then figured out best bet was to go to the finish line, which we did. We got there right as the fastest women were finishing, and then waited for Jen & jeff to finish. We got a few snaps when they came by, and then some post-race shots, when they looked a lot happier. Anywho, Pics: Sailing | Racing
05.13.2006 Well I finally got around to working on a write-up for our sailing trip. That's available in the notepad, and pictures are now up as well. I apologize for the delay.
AND DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME!!! I know I owe you guys some sailing pictures, and I know there are some Doggie birthday pics out there, and some other doggie pics, and probably some stories and updates, but it's Derby Time, so that will have to wait. I will try to get the derby site up-to-date over the next few days. The Julepenator has some dynamite analysis, and Chopper has a brand-spankin'-new program cover for you. Look for those in the next 48 hours.
03.07.2006 - I don't want a pickle. I just want to ride on my motor-cicle! That's Chopper on her new ride. Zoom! Just wanted to give that quick update... and some pics.

02.26.2006 Chopper and I are on the plane back from Atlanta, so we've got a little time for an update. Atlanta was a nice trip, and we got to see Goose and Bear's new place, and meet Kramer, the "Burt Reynolds of pugs.". While Chopper and I arrived in Atlanta on Friday night, my golf clubs were arriving in Milwaukee. What they thought they would do in Milwaukee in February, I have no idea. At any rate, they showed up on Saturday night, without even bringing any beer from their trip. It turned out they didn't miss much in Atlanta because it rained all day Saturday. I got them out Sunday, at Goose's "club," Windemere. On Friday night we hit up Piebar. Saturday we went to the Andrew Wyeth and architecture exhibits at the High Museum in Midtown. That night we went to TWO urban licks for some dins, and then to the Clermont Lounge, allegedly an Atlanta institution. While I was waiting for my clubs on Saturday, I missed hot dogs at the Varisty, so I will have to hit that up on a return trip. - Pictures| Also in the news, Jen "Bear" Simmons, and Jeff "The Julepenator" Milheiser, are running in a marathon in San Diego in June, and are trying to raise money for the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society. You can donate to their efforts by clicking on either of their names in the link on the left. | The 2006 edition of the Derby Website it up. Updates to come.

02.24.2006 So, is there anything hotter than a girl riding a motorcycle? Not if you ask me. Ordinarily, I would probably be in some hot water by leading off with an update like that, but when the girl in question is the Chopper, who just earned her motorcycle license, I think I am in the clear. At any rate, Alison can now hit the open road, easy rider style... just as soon as we get her a bike. Zoom! Anyway, I am currently knee-deep in accounting entries and tax forms for Chopper's business, but I thought I would break out some time for a little update. In other news, we went to Denver in early February for our first Hadley Morris visit. The little one appears to be doing quite well, and even mugged for the camera a little bit. She seems to be growing at a pretty swift clip, so I'm sure she'll be getting her motorcycle license in no time.

I've been using my new lens an awful lot, just not posting the pics. Here's some I finally got around to getting up: Super Saturday at TuP, Hot doggie jumping/swimming action... Also new, I have updated my web design portfolio: Websites

01.08.2006 Yeah, Yeah, I know, I'm not updating this much, and all sorts of things have been going on that no one is up to speed on. But things have been pretty busy over the last few months, so back off! Anyway, first things first. I am now "Crazy Uncle Merritt," instead of just "Merritt." That's right Caitlin didn't just have a really bad case of gas, and on December 12th, Hadley Samantha Morris popped out. I have not actually sen her yet, so I am taking my family's word for it, but I am buying the 1969 Moon Landing, so I think this is probably real too. Plus there's pictures! We were thinking we would have seen her when we headed out to Colorado for our Thanksgiving of 4 dog insanity, but Hadley decided she was not ready yet. When we got back to AZ in from Thanksgiving, December turned into a pretty hectic month, apart from the few days we took off to head to Morgantown for some Christmas Eve Shenanigans and standard Morgantown family Christmas. Since Christmas I have been playing with my sweet new telephoto lens at places like Turf Paradise. To cap off the year, Grez came in to town for New Years Eve, some Fiesta Bowl tailgating action, and a Huge 'Eers win. I think that just about covers it, so consider yourselves up to speed. We're off on another busy stretch, with Trips to LA, Denver, and Atlanta in the next month, but I will try to keep this thing more up to date...