2007-8 news archives
01.06.2008 - Well, again it has been a while, and I owe some updates, so without further ado, here's what's happened over the past 6 months or so... At the Zoo! | Dad's 60th Slideshow | Chihuly at Phipps | 3rd Annual Corndog Classic | Jeff and Tara's Wedding | Bill Reddig's Golf Tourney | Homecoming at WVU | Novemberfest 7 - Day 1 | Novemberfest 7 - Day 2 | Thanksgiving in Denver | Hadley's Birthday | Christmas in Morgantown... And don't forget to check out the Jost Van Dyke Dance Party Video...
09.12.2007 - Zack's 30: Back in July, Zack invited a few of us into town for some 30th birthday celebrations. There were a lot of shenanigans, some tom foolery, perhaps even a little ballyhoo. There was even an Elvis impersonator involved. You should probably check out the pictures... Here.

I've got more updates and pictures to post from the Corndog Classic, Jeff M's wedding and some other stuff. I am working on it. Novemberfest is also around the corner... So stay tuned...
05.06.2007 - Derby 133: On Thursday, Chopper and I flew to Saint Louis and spent the night at Tiana & Jed's place, then hit the road bright and early for Kentucky. We stopped along the way to tour the Wild Turkey distillery, and snap some pictures. We then met up with Goose & Bear at Keeneland Race Course. After watching the Oaks simulcast from Churchill, we went out for some Italian food in Lexington, then headed to the hotel in Frankfort. Late that evening Jed & Tiana and Aaron & Marcy showed up. Early Saturday morning we clambered into the van, and set off or Churchill Downs, where we met up with the old crew for the 6th consecutive Derby, occupying the same piece of real estate we have every time. We have become such a fixture that the folks who camp around us have started making t-shirts with our names on them. Hell, we even get the same reporters year after year. (2006 | 2007). We didn't make it on TV this year, but Tiana did get us another appearance in the pages of the Louisville Courier Journal. We managed to avoid rain, and successfully made it through another long day at the races, not without a few bumps and bruises, and a bit of red tape. See you again next year! Pictures: Wild Turkey & Keeneland | Derby 133
04.09.2007 - 6 MONTHS!! A thousand apologies dear readers for the long delay. Lets get you up to speed. In October I went to visit good old Zack in good old Austin, TX. Then Chopper's parents came to town and we dashed down to Mexico for some fun. November rolled around, and it was time for Novemberfest 6, another fine shindig. Then we were off again to Morgantown for thanksgiving. December saw us finish off the Cardinals home games with a beautiful shellacking by the Donks. Right around that time we picked up a new car, Bruce the Suby Outback. Before the break-in was broken-in, we hopped in Bruce and drove to Denver for Christmas and another couple (1|2) Donks games, with some dynamite field passes for the CIN game (if you couldn't tell by the pics). We also hit the Denver Cup, which DU finally reclaimed, but alas, no pix of that. We stayed there through New Years, then drove bak in time to greet Grez and Lou, who were in town for the OSU/FLA National Championship game. The weekend after that, Mom, Dad & Catilin came into town for some exciting Marathon Action. We coasted through the rest of January, then dashed off to Utah for some skiing with Goose and Bear at Snowbird & Alta. Back in AZ, we finished off a glorious February with Hiking in the Superstition Wilderness and Sedona, getting Bruce used to rough dirt roads and carsick dogs at the same time. March rolled around and we were back in Bruce for more skiing, this time with Aaron & Marcy in Durango, CO, with a stop-off at 4-corners. The rest of March was given over to St. Paddies Day, accounting, and taxes, and praise jebus we have no pictures of that. Consider yourself up-to-speed friends. I'll do my best to log my next update before October.
09.10.2008 - Novemberfest 8: Back by popular demand, Novemberfest 8 is just around the corner. Please check out Novemberfest.org for more details.
07.19.2008 - New and Improved: Revised, updated, and sanitized for your protection! I'm revamping the website to get everything up-to-date, in-compliance, and out to the public. I've posted tons of missing stuff and rounded off the rough edges to make maxaltitude.com much safer for small children.** Unfortunately, we had to take down a few of our more racy features to satisfy the lawyers, but I think you'll find this is still the same old maxalitude.com you know and love. Anyway, the photo's are updated, the notepad's new, and the Corndog Classic is just around the corner. So come on in, snoop around!

**Disclaimer: Please watch small children at all times when playing with maxaltitude.com.