2007-8 news archives
02.06.2010 - BIG UPDATE! Yeah, it's been a while, so we've got a huge stack of updates for you. Gia just turned 1. Actually, wait. Before that she also turned 11 months old. She also went on her first ski trip (Page 1 | Page 2) (although she had to hang in the lodge), and even to the zoo. Also, I've got the photos up from the premier of Habib's movie Armless at the Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance: Premier | Armless Party | No Name Salon | Utah Exterior
11.22.2009 Giovanna's Month 10 pictures are now up!
11.14.2009 Halloween pictures are now up!
11.12.2009 We've had a big fall cleaning event here at maxaltitude. There are new pictures up for Giovanna, as well as some other events from the past few months that were missing photo documentation. (Giovanna: Month 9 | First WVU Game | Reaches Max Altitude) (Others: Kendrick Peak with the hounds | Goose and Ween) In addition, we've started going into the archives and cleaning up all those busted links, restoring access to all of the fine photos we've assembled over the past decade. 1997-2002 has now been restored, including the long lost pictures of the Tuckerman expedition. We'll be getting post-2002 archives up soon. In other news, Maxaltitude now also features a live Twitter feed that will keep you up-to-date on all the latest minutiae, at least until I say something stupid and embarrassing and have to take it down. The over/under is 19 days.
08.23.2009 New updates. Pictures and videos!

New Giovanna Pics | Bear Jaw Canyon hiking Videos: Doggie Steeplechase
07.05.2009 We've got some new updates for you. More Gia pics, and videos even! Sweet!

New Giovanna Pics Videos: Dog Tricks | Dappy Hour
06.22.2009 - Super-Update! It's been a busy fortnight here at camp Snoopish. First we all flew off to Denver for Marl's Graduation (Gia's 5th and 6th plane rides). After the graduation, Gia and Chopper headed back to Phoenix, while Marl and I flew to Berlin for some good beer and yummy sausages. We also stopped off at Potsdam before training it East to Warsaw for Wally's Wedding. Wally and Karina's nuptual celebration was an event of epic proportions, with vodka, dancing, vodka, 3 dinners, vodka, vodka, Polish Boyfriend, and then some more vodka. The reception started around 6PM and finally wound down at around 4:30AM. Later that day we met up with Karina's dad Anjay, for more (Lithuanian) vodka and Polish hospitality. Besides the pictures from Poland and Germany, we've got new pictures of Giovanna, who just turned 5 months old, and had a visit from Nana J and Popi. And finally, at long last, we've got more pictures of the hounds! AROOOOO!!!!!
04.28.2009 - We've had a small systems malfunction here, but we're all fine here now, how are you? I've got a couple of albums to post, and the first one's up. The second will be along directly, so keep your pants on. (Latest update 04.28.2009)
03.30.2009 - Some of our more attentive readers noticed that Sunday came and went with no updates. Gia and I were making funny voices and coming up with clever names for her animal friends, so we didn't get to the pictures. But they're up now, just one day late! (Latest update 03.30.2009)
03.15.2009 - In case you haven't noticed, we've moved to weekly Giovanna updates. Check out her page on Mondays to get the latest group of pictures and stats. Cheers!
02.02.2009 - We need TOTAL coverage! It's been a couple weeks now and Giovanna's got plenty of her pictures up now on her own page (Just click on her picture below). I've also finally put up all the pictures from 2008. We've been taking some movies of her as well (also the hounds!), but will need some time to get those out to the public. Stay Tuned! (Latest update 03.07.2009)