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08.18.2004: Opening Comments

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but it's just not coming along as fast as I would have hoped. My Grandmother, Barbara Gile had worked on the Family Tree in the past, and I was inspired to get some of the Gile Family History down somewhere permanent while at the Hinsdale Cemetary, where Andrew, Martin, Merritt, Roscoe, Richard, Barbara and others are buried. Hinsdale does not represent the US beginnings for the Giles, so after some research, I have traced them back to Haverhill, MA in 1640.

Over the past few years, I have come accross tidbits about various Gile's on the internet, and will of course add those in the future. There is also the more imposing task of documenting the extremely full lives of the recent Giles, which I someday hope to have up here as well. Ideally, this would be a multimedia extravaganza of epic proportions. Bill Reddig (My Dad's Cousin), has extensive family video coverage, and we have a few pieces in our library as well. For now it will be limited to pictures and text.

So I finally got enough of a start to post some of my info, so I will begin humbly, and hope to and build as I go.