MiniBooth 2005
Well, it is February, and the smell of fresh cut lumber fills the air, along with small particles of foam insulation. Do you know what time it is? That's right, it's MiniBooth season! This year's MiniBooth committee has chosen the exciting theme: "Doggie Domiciles." Naturally, I will be putting forth the ol' "college try" with my entry: "Fenway's Super Sweet Siesta Shack." This state of the art canine condo will feature a hinged roof, front window with flower box, and of course, air conditioning. (It's Arizona!) Construction is underway, and I will be updating my progress as I go.
04.20.2005 - Week 10: OK, so this is backdated, but the MiniBooth 2005 is complete and action. Well pretty darn complete anyway. Chopper still wants me to add a flower box, but that may have to wait for a while. Anyways, here are the final pictures of this shoe-in for first place in MiniBooth 2005:

Here's the pics from week 9:
04.03.2005 - Week 10: Fenway has been sleeping in the MiniBooth during the day for about a week now. It is starting to get hotter, and the MiniBooth provides a nice cool, quiet place for her to rest. Apparently she does not mind that it is not completely done. Sunday I bought the rest of the trim, sanded and stained, and finished the last row of shingles of the roof.
03.27.2005 - Week 9: Well we're almost there now. On Sunday, I added the lion share of the trim to the MiniBooth, put in Fenway's front window, touched up the stain, and shingled the roof. We've got another trip to Home Depot on the horizon for some more trim, corner molding, and some sealant for the window. In addition, the trim needs to be urethaned, and the window-box needs to be constructed. We'll also have to install the air conditioner, which although will sit idle not now, will be critical in a few months. With another 8 hours or so of effort, this baby should be wrapped up in time for judging. We've got a few more pictures for you.

Here's the pics from week 9:
03.20.2005 - Week 8: The Poor MiniBooth has been sitting for a few weeks with no activity. Let's just call that my spring break. We (well, me) were back in action today, and unfortunately the devil is in the details. After I cut the trim, I spent several hours sanding, staining and sealing. The trim is a darker shade than the paneling (Fenners has to have a two-tone house), so I had to stain all the trim prior to applying it. As soon as the roof trim is ready to go, I can begin working the asphalt shingles, which I bought this morning. I also hinged the roof to the house today, which was a real treat. We're closing in on completion here, but we still have some more hours to go prettying this puppy up...

Here's the pics from week 8:
02.26.2005 - Week 5: Well, we hard a hard deadline of Saturday afternoon to wrap up major construction before move on. You see, we had to enlist Johnny Romano to help move the MiniBooth, and he is going to be tied up with baby prep activities from here on out, so it was now or never. We only had to move the MiniBooth about 40 feet, but the route was a treacherous one. We did not have to deal with traffic, but tight corners, low tree branches, and stinky doggie land mines made move-on quite an adventure. Unfortunately we had a man down after Johnny trod in dog poo and cut his arm after we ran into the side of the house. Nothing that a little advil and a shot of the hose won't fix.

The MiniBooth is through major construction, and is ready for the finishing touches. It is time for sanding, stain and sealing, then trim and roofing. The heavy work is in the bag, but we're not out of the woods yet. Here's the pics from week 5:
02.20.2005 - Week 4: On Sunday it stopped raining long enough for me to put a couple more hours on the MiniBooth. I completed framing the front wall and the left side wall that will house the A/C, and everything has been secured to the deck. I also added the inside wall to the right side, insulated, and attached the slotted pine siding on the outside. As you can see, it looks pretty nice. It should look very nice indeed when it is stained and we have some trim up. I made sure to move the miter saw out back for the weekend, just to make sure my cranky neighbor didnžt miss any of the exciting MiniBooth 2005 action. (I had been sawing in the garage). With the Miter Saw, Circular Saw, Electric Drill and Hammer, it must sound like wežve got a full crew out back. Go MiniBooth 2005!

Next weekend I am going to finish the front wall and the other side wall and see if we canžt get this thing off the back porch, where it is causing some traffic issues. Some leveling is going to be required in its eventual location along the side of the house, so maybe next week will get some good shoveling shots.
02.13.2005 - Week 3: It's full speed ahead on the old canine condo in week three. Construction shifted the the back porch due to the crazy rain and excessive dog poo in the yard (When it's raining, Fenway does not like to go all the way to the side of the house to take care of her business). Anywho... the back wall and sides have been framed, and nailed (& screwed) to the base. The back wall was also insulated and plywooded. We ordered the A/C from Sears, which should be in soon. Looks like we will be ready for framing the front and starting on the siding next week, depending on the weather. Still have not made a decision on shingles or tiles for the roof, but that will need to be done soon... Stay tuned for more exciting developments next week, and hey, here are some pics:
02.05.2005 - Week 2: Construction started today with the floor and the roof. Both were framed, insulated, and plywooded. (Not a word, I know). It brought back some memories working with the ol' foam. (This time actually using it as insulation). Anyway, I have the floor and the roof done, and there is plenty of sawdust and little foam particles in the back yard to tell the tail. And also some pics:
My neighbor popped over the fence yesterday to complain about Fenway barking in the morning. This, despite the fact that his smelly mongrel has been barking every day for the last 18 months. Pot, this is kettle, you're black. I figured I would retort with about 4 hours of drill and circular saw noises. I suppose I should really be doing this at about 11PM for maximum effect. That way I could set up the halogen "sun" as well. Man I love the sound of a circular saw in the evening.
01.30.2005 - Week 1: Well, the MiniBooth wood came the way booth wood usually comes, on top of an Audi wagon. If I had a nickel every time I pulled out of Home Depot with lumber on top of an Audi wagon... Well, I'd have a lot of nickels. Anyway, so far I have picked up the following supplies.
  • 21 - 2"x2"x8' pine
  • 8 - 4'x8'x3/8" pine plywood
  • 6 - 3/8"x6"x16' tongue and groove pine
  • 3 - 4'x8'x1-1/2" insulation (Foam baby!)
  • 3 - 1"x2"x8' pine
  • 2 - 1"x3"x8' pine
  • 4 - 3/4"x3/4"x8' pine
  • 2 - 1"x4"x8' pine
  • 3 - 4" hinges
  • 1 - 18"x24" plexiglass
Of course we're going to need some roofing materials, stain, sealant, and of course that air conditioner so I will update the materials list as we go.