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I have some more movies that I need to add here, but we'll get this started with some recent ones, then get all the old ones up here shortly, assuming I don't break through my storage limits... I really compressed the hell out of these guys, so I apologize if they are a bit small. I'll also try to put some context to some of these at some point.
  • Jost Van Dyke Dance Party - Jost Van Dyke, BVI - 04.13.2006 (17.8MB, but worth it)
  • Camel Racing - Turf Paradise, AZ - 03.12.2005
  • Ostrich Racing - Turf Paradise, AZ - 03.12.2005
    Oh man was this awesome. Chopper was crying she was laughing so hard. The blue jockey got thrown after he crossed the finish line, but got his revenge in the Donkey races, where he smoked everyone and won by a Secretariat-like margin.
  • Country Roads Part 1 | Country Roads Part 2 - Las Vegas, NV - 03.05.2005
    So these didn't turn out as well as I thought. It really doesn't look like anyone is singing. I think the problem is they played this way too early and all of the Morgantown crowd was only a couple beers in. This song really needs to come on right before the couches get set on fire. I was not fast enough on the trigger to catch Jen & Garth being introduced to "Just good old boys" (the theme from Dukes of Hazzard).
  • Flying Dogs Part 1 | Flying Dogs Part 2 | Flying Dogs Part 3 - Peoria, AZ
  • Wally's Bourbon Suspenders - Louisville, KY
  • Wally & Johnny B's Death Cart - Memphis, TN